My inspiration

heart symbol

The idea of frog stickers came from a drawing I made a long time ago of two frogs holding hearts. It wasn't perfect - far from it - but months later, I drew another frog. And then another. And another. I got feedback from friends and family on how to fix proportions and colors, and suggestions on what the frogs could be holding. And now, what started out as a hobby has grown to be so much more.

early frog design
current frog design
forest 1
forest 2

My Mission

tree symbol

With climate change, air pollution, and the destruction of rainforests, frogs need all the help they can get - and people do too. Our environment is being threatened, and we need to do everything we can to protect it. Unfortunately, no one can snap their fingers and make everything bad in the world go away :( but there is still hope! The people at Sierra Club have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place, and as one of the largest environmental organizations in America, they have the power to change lives. So for the people and frogs of this world, a portion of all profits will go to the Sierra Club Foundation.

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